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mercoledì 15 luglio 2015

Long Beach days

Al #SENSOREXPO di Long Beach, è venuto a trovarci l’Ing. #AdolfoWurts, fondatore della #CONDOTTIERIINC, nella contea di Orange in California.
Ci proponiamo per poter sviluppare congiuntamente prodotti per i sistemi della #Condottieri.

martedì 14 luglio 2015

Long Beach days

#MrSzwalgin, founder and managingdirector of Zeitronix (Torrance, CA) hasdevelopedseveral innovative products in the automotivefieldsuchas the data-logger for racingcars.Our pressure transducerscouldverywell match theirrequirements and wehope to have a chance to collaborate.


lunedì 13 luglio 2015

Long Beach days

Interesting meeting with Mr. Aderbal Lima, managingdirector of Novuslocated in Porto Alegre (Brazil). Novusmanufactures and markets a variety of electronicmachinery and sensors for automation. Mr. Lima showed some interest in ourtransducer and wehopeto be able to match hisrequirements for hisapplications and markets.


venerdì 10 luglio 2015

Long Beach days.

Mr. Larry Driscoll, della #JohansonTechnology Inc. di West Hills California, si è fermato al nostro stand apprezzando le caratteristiche tecniche del nostro sensore di pressione. La #JohansonTechnology, produce componenti ceramici, e substrati.


lunedì 8 giugno 2015

Introducing an unexpected pressure sensor

Sensaggio Ltd, comes from a thirty years experience in the field of pressure sensors with different technologies and material combinations .

Sensaggio srl, in cooperation with business partners is able to provide capacitive, piezoresistive , ceramic, silicon, compensated and amplified pressure sensors.

Led by Dr. Andrea Saggio, the company structure is able to start from the design phase of the components  so they can develope with the customer taking into account the application and specifications to pursue. In this way the can manufacture and supply the most suitable solution.

This type of company structure enables them to propose the materials that make up the "heart" of the product (die silicon, ceramic membrane, thick film pastes to ensure the gauge sensitivity factor), through which they can amplify the signal (ASICs), up to those that guarantee the proper packaging and the connection to the outside world (for example : plastic, aluminum, brass, steel package, connectors as a packaging solution that allow applications "backside die").

Beyond the standard commercial proposals, Sensaggio Ltd. Is able to offer "tailor made" highly customized in various configurations solutions.

The culture expressed by the members of the company, the experience gained in thirty years of technical discussions in a vertical profile extremely sectoral niche and the maturity obtained after thousands of complex and complicated cases solved, has enabled the launch of an ambitious project that led to the creation of a new ceramic pressure transducer in Italy.

The choice imposed by the automotive industry to offer a better alternative for the HVAC application, has allowed this new reality to create and make a new concept ceramic piezoresistive sensor, which was approved in the automotive sector with success.

The performances of this improved transducer compared to the transducers commonly used in the segment in terms of weight, response times, resistance to high voltage are further optimized as it is  highly affordable.

Even in the HVAC-R industrial, this pressure transducer was an immediate success and is full of hope for the future. In this HVAC-R stationary segment,, has already reached an exclusive agreement with an Italian actor of the first magnitude for the production and distribution of the product.

The HVAC (transport) section is under Sensaggio’s responsibility and in particular this sensor, can address the industrial sector in general, thanks to the great potential, flexibility and adaptability it expresses as intrinsic values to the project.

The possibilities to adjust the sensor to different requirements while maintaining the fundamental characteristics (accuracy, robustness, price ...) make the probability of a success in the industrial sector very high.

The flexibility and adaptability of the transducer are developed on many parameters:
1) pressure range
2) power output
3) material packaging
4) branding
5) connection

Thanks to Sensaggio Ltd, now there is a small new grand piezoresistive sensor with voltage output, which will amaze you with its features.